What is a Flexitarian?

So by now, I'm sure you've heard of vegans, vegetarians, and maybe even meatatarians.... well guess what?! There is a new kid on the block, and she doesn't play by the same strict rules that those guys over there play by. She's a completely different kettle of fish, a real individual but strangely she's also just like a lot of us. She knows what’s good for her, enjoys all the different food types that are so readily available to us in today’s supermarkets, and strives to be the healthiest she can be. 

What’s her name you ask? Well say hello to flexitarian. While you may, or may not have heard of it, the term flexitarian isn’t new. It's just becoming more and more popular, as it is one of the biggest food and health trends of the year. But what’s it really all about? 

It’s basically just a fancy term for anyone looking to eat a more balanced diet – think a little less meat and more veggies. Let say, you've thought about giving a vegetarian or vegan diet a go, but just cant imagine giving up meat completely? Then that’s where a flexitarian diet comes to save the day!

Perfectly Balanced is the first product alike on the Australian market that meets the needs of the emerging flexitarian trend and supports a healthy eating lifestyle in Australia. It is a delicious solution to easily increase the amount of vegetable goodness in your diet, whilst still allowing you to enjoy the wholesome meat proteins and flavours you know and love.

Don’t go without - Go together!

Lisa Campbell


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