Finding the perfect balance...

A perfect balance of food, work and life - isn't that something we are all looking for? The feeling of juggling everything that life throws at you without dropping the ball? Staying fit and healthy, spending time with friends and family, having a good work/life balance, and nowadays most importantly eating right! 

Within the Perfectly Balanced family we are mums, dads, sons and daughters and we know just how important it is, to get your meals right. Whether it is for yourself, your family or you and your partner, it means taking lots of things into consideration: Protein, fibre, vitamins, taste and flavour are just some of the things to think about, not to mention fussy eaters as well!  

I personally have a family member that as a young man refuses to eat most vegetables but absolutely loves a good sausage or meatball on his plate. I thought to myself how can he maintain a balanced diet when by choice he refuses on a regular basis to eat vegetables?! Cue our Perfectly Balanced range! Easy to cook and a perfect combination of vegetable goodness and wholesome meat - without compromising on taste and texture. We are proud and excited to announce that our range has been launched exclusively in Woolworths stores across Australia on the 28th May 2018.

Life is all about getting that balance right: With our products we want to make your meals a little healthier, a little better and a whole lot easier.

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Lisa Campbell


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