More Veg Please! With Perfectly Balanced easily done because all products combine prime Australian Beef and nutritious Vegetables.

With winter hurtling towards us, we have 2 seriously good new flavours in the pipeline. Our range now includes a wholesome Beef and Vegetable Mince, as well as Slow Cooked Beef with Beans in a Mexican Style Marinade. Both new products make it easy to create healthy, hearty winter meals for the whole family. 

Whether in Tacos, Sausage Rolls or as a Meatloaf - Our wholesome Mince is packed with nutritious Vegetables and prime Australian Beef. It is a super-versatile mince mixture that can be used in countless ways just like regular mince. Having carrots, lentils and herbs already infused into the mince it’s so easy to create a healthy take on the beloved Spag Bol.

Packed with a variety of beans, spices and herbs the Slow Cooked Beef with Beans in a Mexican Style Marinade is perfect for an easy mid-week meal. Served on it’s own, with rice, or great in tacos and burritos. Ready in just 5 minutes, it sure is a real timesaver.

Now available at Woolworths alongside our current Perfectly Balanced range of Beef Meatballs with Sweet Potato, and Kale, Beef and Carrot Chipolatas, as well as Skewers with Beef, Onion and Spices. Ideal for your family lunches and dinners. Make sure to grab a pack for your next weeks family breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

A little healthier, a little better, a whole lot easier!


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