Want to stick to a healthy eating plan?

Even if you love to cook, making a healthy dinner some week nights feels like a chore. Set yourself up for success throughout the week, by planning and pre cooking healthy meals on the weekend. Spending that little extra time to get organised will save you time and stress on busy weeknights and the daily ‘What’s for dinner question’ will become part of the past.

Follow these 3 simple and effective tips to make your meal planning easier:

1) Decide what’s for dinner

You may have to do a bit more work up front, but it turns out easy once you begin to work  your plan. Choose your recipes based on your weekly schedule. Have a look at your pantry and choose recipes with common ingredients. If you’re stuck for ideas, it is always good to include recipes you know your family loves. Once you are a few weeks into your meal plan, it’s only getting easier as you will have a selection of family-favourites to choose from.

2) Shop ingredients with an organised shopping list

Organise your shopping list by where things are in the store. It might sounds needless to start but you will find having a well-organised list saves you time and keeps impulse buys at minimum. Writing the recipe on the back of the shopping list is also a  good double-check on ingredients whilst in the supermarket.

3) Prepare some of the ingredients

Now you have selected your recipes, shopped for the ingredients and all that is left for you to do, is doing a bit of prep on Sunday. Chopping veggies, pre-cooking pasta and placing your salad in a bowl just to mention a few, are a massive help  to save you some time during the week.

We know that some of these steps seem obvious, but it’s the strategy behind them that makes meal planning worth it. Following these tips is a great way to start and save yourself some time and stress for a healthy and energised week ahead. Download our free meal plan template below including space for grocery shopping list to get you started. 

Happy Meal planning!


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