Feeling motivated to stick to healthy eating habits

Many of us take the start of the year as an opportunity  to make a fresh start. Eat better and exercise more are the most common resolutions. Instead of setting high goals that may be unachievable, stay realistic. Rather than short term, think of long term progress.  Start small and don’t overwhelm yourself with expectations of doing everything at once. Kick-start healthy eating habits with some of these simple tips.

Here is some practical advice to achieve your goals:

Have meals at home – Cooking your meals at home has a variety of advantages. They tend to be healthier than restaurant food. Think more nutrients, less calories and you can choose all your ingredient and portion size yourself. Plus eating together as a family is beneficial for kids. Take a look at our delicious recipes to make the most of your meal. 

Choose healthy snacks – If you have a craving between lunch and dinner, try some of the following snacks that will fill you up until your next meal: Pistachios, unsalted nuts, vegetable sticks (carrot, cucumber, snap peas) with hummus or cottage cheese, crispy chickpeas, stuffed olives, just to mention a few. The opportunities are endless.

Don’t skip breakfast - Eating a nutritious breakfast is a good way to start the day.  But making breakfast before running out the door can be challenging. This is why we have collated recipes that make your morning a breeze. From a Sweet Potato and Chipolata Casserole, Meatball Grain Bowl and wraps, you’ll find tasty recipes that you can make ahead and reheat for an easy and filling breakfast your whole family will love.

Move your body in any enjoyable way – Instead of setting the goal of going to the gym  five times a week, make a subtle change  to your lifestyle. Take a walk around the park or drop into a fitness class.  After a while this will become a regular routine.

Spend time on meal planning - Even if you love to cook, making a healthy dinner some week nights feels like a chore. Set yourself up for success throughout the week, by planning and  pre-cooking healthy meals on the weekend. Spending that little extra time to get organised will save you  time and stress on busy weeknights. Find tips in our previous Blog Post and download a free printable meal plan.

Have a healthy start to 2020. 


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