You love meat but you know you need to balance out your diet with more veggies? We have the answer! Our Perfectly Balanced product range has been created to easily increase the amount of vegetable goodness in your meals, whilst reducing your intake of meat. How? We simply add almost the same percentage of vegetable to what would normally be a meat only product.

Our products are dairy and grain free as well as free from any artificial flavours and colours. To reduce fat and salt we use generous amounts of vegetables and legumes to maintain a meal that is both high in fibre and protein. The best thing is, there is no compromise on taste and texture.

Perfectly Balanced is the first product alike on the Australian market that meets the needs of the emerging flexitarian trend and supports the healthy eating lifestyle in Australia. We believe that eating a balanced diet is the key to good health and wellbeing for the whole family.

Healthier Option
Blend of meat and vegetables as a healthier option.
Easy-to-cook products for a healthier meal.

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